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“In the oilfield, it’s all about who has it and who has it now. Our lead time is 2 days and so is OFMP’s for getting my products live and selling. The future for eCommerce is no longer off in the distance — it’s here, today.”
Baher Sabet,
Business Development Manager
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What is OFMP?
OFMP (Oilfield Marketplace) is the first and only eCommerce website of its kind connecting buyers and sellers within the US oilfield sector. Any vendor or OEM that meets our requirements can list their products online in less than 72h for buyers to purchase directly using ACH, credit card, or a purchase order.
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This is how you stay ahead of the competition
1Effortlessly increase your sales by reaching your longtail and thousands of new potential clients that would otherwise need tens of salespeople and $$$ to handle.
2Reach your customers directly instead of through 3rd parties — meaning more in your pocket at the end of the day.
3Improve your customer experience. Your customers can instantly place orders and repeat purchases, while your sales team can focus on high-touch accounts.
4Access and utilize valuable intelligence about your customers that will help you better position your brand in the market, as well as free ready-made marketing tools that will rapidly make your presence on OFMP known.
Start selling online in just a few days!
Why eCommerce?
OFMP provides a simple, no-risk model for scaling up without impacting your structural cost. You increase your sales without adding to your salesforce, while only paying a small commission on each transaction.
Not to mention reducing your burden of doing paperwork thanks to OFMP’s efficient invoicing and collections management. All you have to focus on is fulfilling the order.
“The key to unlocking opportunities, resources, and innovation in business is forging connections.”
Todd Giasson,
Sales Director
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Now is the best time to join!
Access over 5,600 buyers making more than 16,500 product page visits each month.
Our solid advertising strategy ensures that buyers learn about your products exactly when they need and search for them.
In just a couple of years, OFMP has:
  • Made thousands of products available in just a few clicks;
  • Enabled payment through credit card, ACH transfer, and PO;
  • Integrated customer-specific pricing;
  • Provided swift tax exemption;
  • Empowered sales folks to easily serve more customers than ever before;
  • Brought centralized order management to all of our sellers.
Ordering oilfield products
is now as easy as shopping online
Oilfield Marketplace
Q4, 2023
E&P professionals across the country are joining #OFMP, while more products fill it’s virtual shelves every month
3 steps & you’re ready to sell online!
Commercial efficiency is the next step in optimizing your business for the digital age and ensuring its future. So, don’t waste another moment and start selling your products online in just a few days.
P.S. You’ll get access to highly-efficient marketing collateral at no additional cost!
“Complete this short form and I’ll be in touch!”
Steve Copeland,
Business Development Manager
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