Smith Bits at OFMP

Working to better understand drilling applications customers encounter and how to improve drilling operations with reliable advancements that make a difference where the bit meets the rock.

Smith Bits has been a SLB company since 2010 and, like Herman C. Smith, their people are a curious sort. Smith Bits’ design process isn't about cookie-cutter solutions. They start at the rock with the kind of formation and lithology you will encounter—working backward from the rock-cutter interface. Analysis continues upward along the drillstring, the drive system, individual BHA components, and the total system on bit behavior in a dynamic drilling environment. It also takes into account the specific operating parameters and the interaction between individual elements of the drilling assembly.

Not every well is exactly the same—even within a field. That's why Smith Bits persist in having such a consistent and methodical process for delivering performance and improvements that make a difference. The outcome of this process is application-specific bits that consistently outperform previous designs or third-party bits when measured against the same parameters.

Trusted brand on OFMP since 2018

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